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Chen Dong new book "holy land" registered, first occupy a pit, tomorrow began to upload the text section.

The following text is not the contents of the new book, Chen Dong was written before a martial arts essay, let out to give you a look.

Temples corrupt, eunuchs in power, righteous army, the world chaos, mountains and rivers broken, flames, people are destitute.

God toward the twilight, the boat will collapse, princes and from, Qin, Han, Qi three pillars, want to change the day, take the gods and replaced.

Bring the troubled times, the success of the achievements of the country Foundation, or sword and the line, laughing drunk rivers and lakes?

A silver plate hanging, bright and bright.

Mountain ups and downs, not towering, and several mountain village adjacent to the night birds crying, the more quiet.

Yuet Wah water, the mountains between the light hazy, like a layer of thin smoke around. One of the dwarf mountains, vegetation is not abundance, Kistler Wu Li, only a few strains of ancient trees stretch twigs to heaven, and no leaves a few leaves.

There is a piece of bluestone in the moonlight, in the moonlight flow Qinghui, there is a juvenile plate sitting on, **** with the upper body, the body into bronze, strong and powerful, face, such as cutting, clear lines, British gas pressing, Black hair naturally loose.

He closed his eyes, do not move as loose, in the month of breathing, every period of time there will be white air from its nose and mouth out, such as the dragon around the body and bursts of thunder, so far away Of the ancient trees are followed by a sharp shake.

Gu Tianshu, since childhood began to practice, has been twenty-one years old, Tu Na Lian Qi, diligent repair stopped working. In the past two years he lived in the village of Taoyuan, living a life like a hermit, rarely far from the village, except for hunting into the mountains in exchange for life, the practice is his all.


The whole mountains are trembling, the ancient days Shu spit out the last a congenital essence, into a silver Pilian rushed to the night sky, such as the dragon in the dance, long after the back to the body.

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Yu Sheng rumbling, like a car with a chariot over the sky, and gradually away, not far from that piece of ancient trees was finally down the air shock down, aroused a smoke.

Ancient days Shu opened his eyes, like a night fitflop sandals in the night hit two lightning, his eyes light is very bright, there are young people have their spirit is not consistent with the age of a sub-stable.

Moonlight star thin, he grows into the sky, and then, such as Dapeng wings, turned into the mountains, the body flow came a Qinghui, like a long tail light meteorite, into the village.

Taoyuan village Yishanbangshui, weekdays, dogs and dogs heard, made yellow hanging , happy from the music, such as paradise in general.

However, in recent days there is an unusual atmosphere, the villagers feel hard, half a month ago, dozens of miles outside a village was looted, a dozen people lost their lives.

Tourists Taoist words, the boat will collapse, the world has been chaos, even if such a remote village is also difficult to be pure land, sooner or later will be affected.

Night is deep, the village is very quiet, most people have to sleep, but suddenly came a noisy sound from the neighboring village, cocked barking and bursts of crying, and the fire sky, a mess.

Vaguely visible, silhouette jump, swords, there are aggressive hills into the village fitflop sandals, four burning looting, women and children helpless cry, old man sad, pierced the night sky.

And, there is a small stock of thieves straight from the village of Taoyuan, holding a torch, body with razor, coldness flashing.

The village was disturbed, panic, trembling, seeing a dark shadow rushed, do not chill fear.

Ancient days Shu back negative iron sword, step more than ten feet, quickly to the village, the eyes blooming cold, open mouth light light Chi, a white innate fine gas gushing out, like a silver dragon rushed to go.

The eight or nine amphithearies, such as Scarecrows were hit fly, covered with bones broken, in the air big mouth hemoptysis, when landing all gas must, lost his life.

Gu Tianshu maneuvering, rushed into the neighboring village, came to rescue, ruthless waving the hands of the swordsman iron sword, ten steps to kill one person, one another bloody bloom, and constantly someone fell in a pool of blood.

He seclusion in this, well aware of the villagers near the honest,fitflop outlet so that the murder of the culprits are very hated, without a little soft, Jian Qi Qian magic, cold light dazzling, cold biting.

"Grandpa ... ..." a child, but four or five years old look, guarding a dead body cry burst into tears

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The old man has long stopped breathing, white-haired, with the palm of the cocoon to support the ground, with a wide hunchback child care in the following.

There is a shock on the back of the wound, deep visible bone, blood stained the ground, weekdays kind smile has long been, the head weakness sagging, white hair infected with blood.

"The grandfather you wake up, only you, we depend on life, do not leave me ... ..." The child cried hoarse, tender little face covered with tears, the hospital has long been the sky, but he refused to go with.

Ancient days Shu a burst of sadness, chaos in the future, life is more grass than grass, so remote villages have thieves rampant, into the village of attack, this is not the first, how many times the world is also evangelical song.

"Do not cry the child ..." He picked up the child, left the flames, and placed him on the street.

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Everywhere is crying, women and children in the helpless sorrow,fitflop outlet the fire sky, the whole village a miserable, the thieves have not left, still in the looting and killing.


Sword out of the sheath, in the night sky, such as a lightning astonishment, the ancient days of Shu to the children to a fear of the villagers, sword sword into the group of culprits.

"There are dare to resist the people, the village will give me a clean Tu!" A bandit first shouting, eyes flashing fierce light, the hands of knife light Sen cold, cold and compelling.